Our mission is to benefit the community by providing an affordable and sustainable venue
for motion pictures, live performances, business presentations and other activities

What can I do to help?

Thank you for visiting the Adams Community Theatre website! We appreciate your interest and support of the theatre. Additionally we hope you'll be joining us for many of our upcoming events in this historical 1946 beauty.

Our Board & Team

Sandra Pheiffer, President

Heidi Roekle


Paula Wallendal, Vice President

Patricia Sorensen

Carole Janssen

Barbra Albrecht, Secretary

Thomas Bougie

Patty Bula

Barbara Weade, Treasurer

Harvey Wagner

Hariet Dehlinger, Historian

Jeffrey Moore

Robert Beaver


What Makes Us Special?

We love that we are located right on Main Street. Every business on Main Street is important for the economic vibrancy of the community. A long-standing anchor - a traffic generator - is of even greater significance. Located in the center of downtown, the Adams Theatre is becoming a destination once again and increasing traffic to local businesses.

Our theatre has been a pillar of this community for over 66 years. Hollywood moguls attended the grand opening ceremony on December 6, 1946. Special permission was granted to light up the towering marquee due to a coal shortage after the war. Lines of people from Adams County and surrounding communities formed around the block to see the premier of the popular western, Bad Bascomb. A.C.T.'s filmologist has obtained a copy of this "lost" film and will show it when the marquee has been restored to its former glory. "Lost" or "rare" films are our specialty. The Adams Theatre has hosted stage performers — including Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Porter Wagonner — and local musicians love taking that same stage to play for friends and family in special concerts.